Creating A Healthy Life

How To Create a Healthy Life
In our last post we discussed the benefits of healthy living and why healthy living is important to you and your family. Today we will discuss how you can go about creating a healthy life and sticking to it so you can be a positive influence on your kids and other family members and friends.
By now with all the stories in the news about obesity and how what we eat is having a bad effect on our lifestyles and shortening our lifespan.  Well if you Read More

Why Healthy Living Is Important

Why Healthy Living Is Important
Healthy living is not a temporary arrangement for you. Rather it is a habit of maintaining a routine. It is important for everyone. The meaning of healthy living may vary from person to person but its fundamentals are same for everyone. There are several benefits of living healthy life. The first benefit is that you can live longer and the second benefit is that you can live healthy longer. This article will cover various aspects of healthy living.

Exercise forms an important part of healthy living
Exercises can Read More

History of HGH (Human Growth Hormones)

The history of HGH came about because researchers had discovered a Human Growth Hormone deficiency condition right after World War One ended (WWI). With the deficiency diagnosed, people began to wonder about the treatment. In other words, what method of treatment would be needed.

Doctors or Medical researchers thought they would be able to discover a method of treatment for HGH by testing growth hormones from different animals. This type of research didn’t work out. The different growth hormones from the animals were ineffective on humans.
Maurice Raben, a endocrinologist at the Read More